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2019 Miami Roadtrip

The Trip

On December 2019, we embarked on a road trip from our home in Maryland, to Miami, Florida with our Tesla Model 3.   As a family, we've always love doing road trips.  This trip was meant to serve a number of goals.  We have been meaning to visit our friends in Miami, we want to see if our 15 month old daughter can handle being in a car seat for most of the day, and we want to see if we are able to manage driving on a long road trip with an electric car.

The key to driving long distance with an electric vehicle (EV) is mostly planning.  Knowing where you're going to go ahead of time helps a lot in minimizing the range anxiety that are commonly tied to driving an EV.  Fortunately Tesla navigation will consider the car's range as part of its routing calculation and will include supercharger stops as part of the overall trip.   I personally do not follow this routing 100% because we have our own requirement in regards of how much battery charge left we would like to have when arriving at the supercharger and the final destination.  What we do instead, we follow the route to the next supercharger and once there, we recalculate the trip again to see what's our next options are.  We do this on every supercharger stops.

If you don't own a Tesla or would like to do advance planning for an EV trip, I highly recommend using A Better Route Planner website. 

And finally, the key to driving long distance with a toddler is you have to make her comfort priority.  This means making as many additional stops as she needs so she doesn't end up restless during the trip.


The Car

2019 Tesla Model 3, Long Range Dual Motor (AWD) and Full Self Driving computer.

The entire trip was 2,231 miles, using 653kWh or 293Wh/mi. 

The cost of supercharging for the whole trip was around $88.  We had some left over free supercharging miles at the beginning.  According to A Better Route Planner, we should've expected to spend about $100 for the entire trip.

Driving with Autopilot

Supercharger Stops:

From Columbia, MD to Miami, FL

- Chester, VA

- Smithfield, NC

- Fayetteville, NC

- Santee, SC

- Kingsland, GA (also overnight stay)

- Port Orange, FL

- West Melbourne, FL

- Delray Beach, FL

From Miami, FL to Columbia, MD

- Aventura, FL

- Delray Beach, FL

- West Melbourne, FL

- Jacksonville - County Road, FL

- Kingsland, GA (also overnight stay)

- Savannah, GA

- Florence, SC

- Smithfield, NC

- Chester, VA


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